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Do you use Intake Forms for your Clients/Patients?

We have created a special new Gregory Therapy Tool which works in conjunction with the normal Client Intake Form.

What it does:This Tool does not exist elsewhere.

It helps Clients and the Therapist identify diagnose and Treat underlying issues below the surface.

It is simple and easy to use. It complements your existing Intake Forms. Gives extra insight into any issues affecting the Client.

It also reveals triggers and underlying causes.

It is also a means towards self therapy.

Saves time money and energy for the Client and the Therapist to know everything about the Client before they attend your Clinic.

How does the Client access this Gregory Therapy Tool

Once you, the Therapist subscribe to the service, you will receive a unique link.

You simply give the link to your Clients/Patients.

They can now use the free Process.

On completion you and they receive an emailed report on the findings.

For you, as a Therapist to subscribe to this service, simply complete the sign up form here and subscribe with PayPal for $20 per month.

Try this Tool out for free here.

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